Welcome to SL5. It's been a while since SL4 needed a revamp so here it is. This is a combination of both Scuzworks and SL. The navigation and overall layout's changed, but most of the contents remain the same. Hope you have fun looking through and for best viewing, view this in 1024x768 resolution.

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Here's the main section of this site: the galleries. If you are interested in any of the pieces, feel free to contact me to find out more. The stuff here shouldn't be used without permission, so ask me first okie?


Pics that I have done over the years are here. It catalogues the standard of my drawings over the years.

As the name states, the work here are done for others. Due to certain restrictions, only thumbnails will be shown. Note that this is a ‘portfolio' nothing more.

Fanart of other people's characters.Drawn for fun. Besides it's good practice!

Some 3D art I've done using 3D Studio Max.

Some designs that I have thought of in the past, and also earlier incarnations of SL/Scuzworks.

Some comic work that I have done, and are currently working on

The stuff here is yours! Just send me whatever you want me to put up and here it goes.

Simple animated works that I have dabbled in.


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